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The British Anzani company existed for over 70 years and in that time made engines for everything from aeroplanes to mowers to powered bicycles, to cars, motorcycles, ploughs and outboards. The history of BA is in some part the history of the 20th century. Born in the golden age of pioneering flight at the beginning of the century through the tragedy that was the First World War and into the optimism of the post World War II boom and beyond. But who were the characters that built the company? Who designed, who drove, who flew and who steered the products and the company for 70 years? Here is the story. We hope you enjoy it.

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Did you work for British Anzani? Do you know anyone who did? Have you got any information, photographs or memorabilia to do with BA? If so we'd love to hear from you. All submissions will be credited and any original material returned to you by return undamaged. We're trying to make this the site of record for British Anzani please contribute if you can. Thank you.
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