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This site has been in existence for more than 20 years. It is a non profit site run by amateurs for the interest of BA owners, BA fans and passing browsers. The material on the site has been garnered from a number of sources. Three books primarily have provided a huge amount of information and which we thoroughly recommended for your reading pleasure. Frazer Nash by David Thirlby, From Chaindrive to Turbocharger by Denis Jenkinson and Bleriot: Herald Of An Age by Brian Elliot. We have also gained huge amounts of information from contemporary magazines and have spent (and spend) many hours reading and internet searching. But by far the most heartening is the material supplied by our readers and friends over the past 20 years. Thank you and long may your interest remain.


We acknowledge the copyright of all the material we use. Most of it is creative commons, some is from

now defunct magazines and some is from other web sites - and some we wrote ourselves! We will

always credit where we know the copyright owner. If you find any of your material here without a credit

please let us know. If you wish to use any of our material please ask. We don't ask much - a link back to

the web site or a credit perhaps? Plus it's nice to know where things are going!

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